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Pro.EduChild Project

EduChild Project

Goals of Pro.EduChild

The intention is to offer three types of aids to children all over the world. 

  1. School Classes
  2. Kindergarten Classes
  3. Medical Aid

School Rooms

All over the world children face inappropriate learning conditions as rotten buildings or equipment, long and/or dangerous school paths and other sorts of complications. The construction of a school class often is the very first step to enable children the access to educations. Due to the modularized technology used in prefabricated hospital construction we like to utilize this approach to render stable and comfortable class rooms to children!

Kindergarten Rooms

Very similar to the school rooms kindergarten rooms have to meet completely different requirements. Once again the modularized construction enables the construction and set up of such entities very quickly and at reasonable prices. Thus, we are able to offer the little ones a comfortable place for to play and socialize with their friends. 

Medical Aid

The medical aid activities the Management Team has in mind cover foremost vaccination, medication and equipment. Simple and inexpensive vaccination can spare children from suffering from severe illnesses and diseases. 

Motivation of Pro.Edu Child

As the initiators of this project are related to the medical and construction sectors and are very much interested in engaging in humanitarian activities it is quite logic to utilize the available experience and expertise to form this project which aims at fostering the educational and medical situation of children all over the world. Being aware of that deficits are not only present in developing countries but also in developed and industrialized countries the team of this initiative wants to freely chose where and how to help.


To keep the flexibility of the initiators the whole project is based on privately rendered funds only! Due to the initiators personal networks various donors have already been contacted. As a principle each activity is covered fully before it is being started. Thus, the project will grow according to its received donations. To optimize the results the Management Team does not charge anything for its related management activities. Hence, most of the provided funds can be used for construction and equipment purposes.