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Medical Equipment


New Medical Equipment

Due to our network we are able to supply you with new medical products at attractive prices. In case that you need a device please feel free to contact us via our web form.


Used and Refurbished Equipment 

Our central focus lies on used and refurbished medical devices and demonstration models. These alternatives offer you an attractive price-performance-ratio and fully complying with strict German Medical Product Laws at the same time. Thus, perfectly functioning devices are accessible at attractive prices!

Used medical equipment are products which have already been used in healthcare facilities and do not needed to be overhauled due to their life cycle history. This is the case when units have been checked or repaired lately or spare parts have been replaced and they possess a long life time. 

Refurbished medical equipment are products which either have been brought back to the manufacturers' plant for technical check-up and/or replacement of major parts which influence the quality of the devices performance. 


Quality of Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment 

Quality is not necessarily correlated to age directly! If devices are maintained accordingly and the usage follows the set out guidelines used devices will perform perfectly well. Refurbished devices may go just one step further by replacing important quality driving parts as a computer tomography tube or the radiation device of a X-ray unit for example!

The products we do offer always fulfil the following criteria:

  • Checked by a medical technical expert
  • A full functioning warranty of at least 6 months is granted
  • The majority of our equipment derives from German manufacturers
  • Most of the units have been operated in German healthcare facilities and therefore possess a flawless maintenance record!


Cubidor's Quality Principle 

Quality is a factor which only can be proven over time. Cubidor follows the quality principles set out by Philip Bayard Crosby, become known as "Doing it right the first time (DIRFT)"!

The original four principles to overcome a lack in quality are as follows:

  1. Meet the requirements”: “Quality is the grade to which products' and customers' requirements are being met”.
    Cubidor's Approach: By rendering our consultancy in the selection and realization process we help you to clearly formulate what you really need.

  2. The system of quality is "Prevention”.
    Cubidor's Approach: We never offer any device or services which are not been rendered by authorized, trained and experiences staff or partners.

  3. The performance standard is “zero defects” in relation to the requirements.
    Cubidor's Approach: We only accept devices with a contiguous quality and maintenance record. Concerning our consultancy activities we only work with trained and experienced staff and partners.

    4. “No Quality Cost Principle”: “Unnecessary costs arise by not meeting the requirements“.
    Cubidor's Approach: In direct relation to principle 1 we try to clearly elaborate our clients' needs to circumvent and fend off additional costs caused by imprecise product selection.


Demonstration Models 

Many manufacturers possess demonstration models which are being used for their showrooms or at fairs. When new models are being introduced into the medical markets or an orders was cancelled attractive demonstration devices are available.

The core criterion of such devices is that they are not being operated in a real healthcare scenario. Thus, they are only activated punctually and not regularly, they possess only little working hours and they come along with full manufacturer's warranty.