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We do know that buying a medical unit generates a full set of questions to solve before the device can be operated successfully. To support you as good as possible we offer a variety of services aiming at making your buying experience as comfortable as possible!



In accordance with our quality principles the related services begin with a thorough examination of your needs. This initial step saves money and clarifies which devices meet your requirements best! Quite often clients have to pay too much to cover their needs. We try to support you to optimize the price-performance ratio of your product!


Technical Check-up & De-construction 

Whenever a device is taken into our custody it is being technically checked by an authorized medical technician who has been certified onto the respective device. Hence, flaws can be discovered and repaired before the unit is being de-constructed. This steps ends by crating the unit for transport. 


Packing, Storing and Transportation 

The importance of packing of medical devices is sometimes seriously underestimated! Our medical technical specialists take care to protect each device from salty sea water, dust or any other substance which might infringe the usability and accuracy of the to-be-sent unit.

To preserve the quality of medical equipment during storage time it is crucial to take necessary climate and technical requirements of each device into account. Due to our storage facilities we provide appropriate climate environments for all medical equipment.

Due to our exclusive forward partner we can offer transportation of almost any type of device worldwide. In general a combined transport via land, air and/or sea is necessary. Our forwarder is a renowned expert in this field and offers very attractive prices. In case that you have your own freight forwarder then all necessary documents are being prepared and handed over at loading.


Installation & Training On Site 

On your request we can also coordinate and prepare the installation on site. We have a set of external certified medical technicians with who you can arrange the time schedule and the proceeding directly.

To learn the usage of medical units properly we also can offer you a training after installation of the respective device.


Maintenance Services 

For all devices which are being bought at Cubidor AG we do offer adequate maintenance services. Moreover we never sell products without the warranty that spare parts are available!



To Cubidor AG warranty is an integrative part of quality. Hence, we only sell units with 100% functionality warranty for a time period of at least 6 months! In case of a warranty issue we will do our utmost to support you as quickly as possible!