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UNFCCC Consulting


UNFCCC - A Cryptic Abbreviation for Environment Protection

The United Nations Kyoto Protocol Accord succeeded in defining pollution as a worldwide issue, rather than a local problem. Hence, projects and technologies – new or existing ones – can be adapted to all situations, with funding provided efficiently and appropriately, using either the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) or the JI (Joint Implementation) Mechanisms under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Regulations.


Funding by the UNFCCC

Environment saving projects are actively funded. Depending on the location and the project's subject significant expenditure cuts are therefore realizable. Cubidor AG offers you the direct access to an international renowned specialist in this sometimes complex but financially and environmental beneficial subject.

Where Do these Funds Come From?

A number of so called Annex-I countries (most of the European countries for example) obliged themselves by contract to either reduce their emissions or at least to finance and support projects - foremost in non-Annex-I countries - aiming at reducing emissions and rise the energy efficiency.

How to Access these Funds?

The monetary transfer between the paying countries and those who engage in environmental saving projects is being effectuated via so called Carbon Credits Exchanges. all kinds of green house gases and others emissions within a UNFCCC project are converted into CO2 (carbon dioxide) units! 

enables us to significantly support you in your undertaking and enhances the probability to transform your ideas into a successful project!

How to Engage with the UNFCCC?

CAG Green DivisionAs this is a more complex question Cubidor decided to set up a separate site under where all aspects and questions will be answered! Please, take a stroll through the respective pages!