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Technical Assistance Enhancement, May 24th, 2014

To optimize your experience we enhanced our information concerning the technical assistance we are able to render to our clients. Furthermore, we have set up a special request form to simplify the communication.

Additionally, we are working behind the scenes to implement a newsletter system and a FAQ section to optimize your emerging need of current information. Both issues will be activated within the next couple of days. 

Consulting Information & Technical Assistance , March 30th, 2014

Once again we enhanced some pieces of our Idea & Requirements page.
Furthermore we significantly enhanced our Technical Assistance section to show you how we can support your projects by rending technology services via our technology and UNFCCC partner German ProfEC.

Enhanced Consulting information, January 17th, 2014

We are pleased to inform you that we have enhanced our consulting information in various places. The following new sections have been added and hopefully offer you more insight and support!

New Partnerships, December 15th, 2013

We are broadening our information basis with new partnerships which will come into effectiveness in early 2014!

Green RSS Feeds, November 11th 2013

To share with you interesting pieces of information around the topics climate change, energy, pollution, innovative solutions and alike we enhanced our Green Cubidor web site with our Repository category.

There we collect latest news and interesting technology approaches to enhance the energy efficiency and to reduce emissions sustainably. We are sure that this are and its sub-sections provide you with interesting data!

We are also planning to set up a Tech Corner section as a showroom of new and sustainable technologies for your various projects.   

New Cubidor AG Website Start, October 16th 2013

Today, October 16th 2013, we are pleased to inform you about our web site relaunch. A lot of working hours have been spent to set up our new web site. We do hope that you like it and that it provides you with the information you are expecting. 

As we have many more things to come please stay tuned as we will continuously enhance the information basis for you!

There is one section we like to address explicitly! Our brand new Green Division site is dedicated to the subject of climate change, prevention, emission reduction and the offers made by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( (UNFCCC)

Please, inform us if you are missing anything! at the bottom of each page you have access to our e-mail address!