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BMW teams up with Good Energy to offer green power electric car charging

BMW teams up with Good Energy to offer green power electric car charging

Good Energy and BMW have announced they have signed a partnership to offer drivers of the new BMW i series electric cars access to green power to recharge their vehicle.

Just days after announcing a similar agreement with SolarCity in the US, BMW confirmed it would work with Good Energy to promote green energy tariffs to purchasers of its new BMW i3 and BMW i8 vehicles when they launch next year.

Good Energy specializes in providing 100 per cent renewable electricity and also works with customers to purchase energy directly from them if they choose to install microgeneration systems.

"Good Energy's raison d'etre is growing renewables in the UK," said Charmaine Coutinho, business development manager at Good Energy, in a statement. "Working with BMW means that we can ensure that drivers of BMW electric vehicles in the UK get to think about where their electricity is coming from. Why charge an electric car with electricity generated from fossil fuels when you can choose renewables?"

The companies also indicated that they would use the partnership to develop a new "custom-made" green electricity tariff for electric vehicle drivers, which they said would take "the UK supply and demand as well as typical charging behaviours into account to maximise the positive effects of Electric Vehicles on the national CO2 footprint".

Supporters of electric vehicles have long argued they can help to maximize emissions savings by recharging at night when there is limited demand on the grid, a trend that could be encouraged by tailored energy tariffs that promise lower rates during periods of low demand.


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