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Cubidor's UNFCCC Consulting

Due to its international contacts Cubidor is very much aware of climatic and environmental related challenges which raise the demand for sustainable, energy efficient and emission reducing projects. This awareness and an emerging number of requests from our partners we enhanced our portfolio by a very special service. 

Through Cubidor's network of partners we like to contribute to the goal 
to protect and enhance our environment for us and the next generations.

This is why we try to combine our core activities with innovative and environmental saving services.

Reducing the carbon footprint and raising energy efficiency is not only a buzzword 

but a factor of emerging importance!

Cubidor's Consulting Approach

 Based on the founder's academic background Cubidor AG aims at transferring academic knowledge into manageable solutions for real problems. One of the academic columns is to understand projects as processes which affect and demand various sectors and departments. This approach leads to a holistic point of view where we take various aspects of a problem into account!


At Cubidor AG we try to multiplex! By analysing core challenges of a project we combine various disciplines to achieve the best result for the project. All these steps are being conducted with direct implementation of our partners and clients.



Competency in Technology

"It's still magic even if you know how it's done." 

Source: Terry Pratchett in goodread, 2013

Through our technology partners we can provide you with the necessary latest and proven technologies and the necessary experience that your project deserves. Whereby, we are not locked in to the medical sector but can also render appropriate services in almost any environmental related sectors. For example, we have access to specialists for

  • Lightning and photovoltaic systems
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Green and productive buildings which use latest construction materials and construction techniques as well as innovative design
  • City  and habitat planning
  • Infrastructural projects as gas, water and electricity grids
  • Wind parkshydro power facilities
  • Biogasthermal, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems
  • Waste treatment, waste management (reduction, conversion into energy and other resources, recycling, etc.) 
  • And other experts on request

To support your request best we need precise input data. Thus, please let us know what you need in detail. For that purpose we set up a simple and short web form which sends your request directly into our back office system!

Competency and Experience in Planning 

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago!"

Source: Warren Buffet in goodread, 2013

Of course our technology experts and Cubidor AG possess the necessary planning expertise to transform your encouraging project ideas into reality. Planning is most crucial to any project as it is much easier to solve problems on paper than in real life! And in fact, it is saves a huge amount of money, too!

Competency and Experience in Implementation 

 "A good idea is about 10% but implementation, hard work and luck are 90%!"

Source: Guy Kawasaki in Brain Quote, 2013

We only work together with experts who are familiar with implementation, possible obstacles and their solutions!

Pricing Scheme

Cubidor's Pricing Scheme

  • Administration Fee
  • Monthly Fees
  • Success Fee

Cubidor's principle states never to render any consultancy without reasonable payment! On the opposite we like to support our clients best and therefore try to reduce their financial burden when they decide to team up with us with their UNFCCC project.

We do so by sharing the financial risk of our clients! To reduce our clients' expenses by splitting our total commission over time into the following four parts:

  1. One-time Administration Fee (due after contract closure)
  2. Monthly Fee (due after contract closure)
  3. Rest Remuneration Payment (due after first carbon certificate selling)
  4. One-time Success Fee (due after selling carbon credit certificates) 


1. One-time Administration Fee

The one-time administration fee covers all administrative activities through out the whole project life cycle which might take up to 21 years for a CDM or up to 28 years for a PoA project! The main activities which are being covered by this fee are as follows:

  • National and international communication (telephone, Fax, VoIP, ...) between Cubidor AG and you, the client.
  • National and international communication with technology partners within our network.
  • National and international communication with the respective authorities (UNFCCC bodies and embassies for acquiring visas etc.).
  • Administrative activities as setting up contracts and invoices and manage their conduct.
  • Meetings with network partners which are involved in the respective project.
  • Continuous information collection to keep you as our client informed about the latest development in technologies and regulations.
  • Maintenance of this web site and the underlying infrastructure as servers, front end applications and the back office.

2. Monthly Fee

There are always two sometimes three experienced engineers working on your project. To cover this work force we charge you a monthly fee. 

The setting of two experts speeds up the process, reduces the danger of mistakes and thus, optimizes the whole conduct.

Unfortunately, several issues in the process cycle of a UNFCCC project are out of our influences. These uncertainties can cause significant delays. The two most important factors are:

  • Lack of documentation: If certain information cannot be provided or has not been provided by now from the client the process is slowing down. Thus, a proper preparation of technical documents is mandatory for a fluent and swift realization.
  • Delay might also be caused by officials (technical expertise, NDA, DOE, etc.) when their reply is needed to proceed with the process.

To respect our clients wish we are offering two alternative payment schedules:

  • Maximum of 6 months' payments
  • Maximum of 9 months' payments

Maximum of 6 or 9 Months Payment 

Our clients can freely decide if they like to pay the monthly fees up to 6 months or up to 9 months. The total amount of the fees stays exactly the same just the payment schedule is different.

In case that the project is not being finished after the selected time period we carry on without any additional payment from the client!


If the project is not finished within the stated time period (6 or 9 months)
then you have not to pay further monthly fees and we still finish the project! 

Why Cubidor Is Interested In a Swift Conduct? 

We are interested in a swift conduct due to two reasons:

1. We like that your project received the financial support from the UNFCCC as soon as possible!
2. The sooner the project is implemented the sooner Cubidor AG receives the success fee!


3. Rest Remuneration Fee

After and only after the project has been successfully registered with the UNFCCC Cubidor AG charges the difference of its total commission deduced by all paid monthly fees and the one-time administration fee.


The payment has not to be effected by the client
but is covered by the revenue stream of the carbon credits! 

4. Success Fee

Cubidor AG receives a success fee as a percentage of the revenue stream of the sold carbon credits.


The payment has not to be effected by the client
but is covered by the revenue stream of the carbon credits!


If you are interested in transforming your project into a "UNFCCC project" and you feel comfortable to team up for that purpose with Cubidor AG we suggest the following steps to walk through to make your experience as beneficial and pleasant as possible!

1. Prepare Technical Docs

  1. Check the UNFCCC validation page for a project "blueprint" which is similar to yours!
    To read its PDD (which is available publicly) is a good starting point to see which pieces of information are of importance.

  2. Prepare sound technical documentation of your project to clearly show which elements are being implemented and how is their energy and emission potential.

  3. Prepare the documentation in English!
    It is mandatory to have all documentation in English as it is the preferred language within the UNFCCC, all related bodies.
    In case you are not too familiar with this please, consider to use our technical assistance offer!

2. Contact Cubidor

Ask for a quote at Cubidor AG!

In a short pre-compliance our UNFCCC experts will check the possibilities of your project's subject to achieve adequate financial funds by going for a UNFCCC project.

If they find the project reasonable to proceed then you receive a quote based on your request. Beside the quote we also will share with you a draft contract so that you have full insight what to will be signed if you agree on it!

To simplify the communication we have set up a special UNFCCC Form which simplifies the communication between your company and Cubidor AG. Use it to request the mentioned quote free of obligation!

Your request will result in receiving a draft of our standard UNFCCC Consultancy Contract which clearly states all details in accordance with the appropriate regulations in action! 

3. Get into Action

If you agree with our UNFCCC consulting contract, the confidentiality terms and the related payment scheme we will issue the respective contract. The procedural steps are as follows:

  1. Closure of the UNFCCC Consulting Contract
  2. Payment of the one-time administration fee and the monthly instalment for the first month
  3. Transfer of all technical documentation to scheduled UNFCCC experts
  4. Begin of the PIN phase to offer you a precise emission reduction estimate based on your documentation
  5. Decide on the PIN results and either proceed or STOP.