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I³ Vision: Intelligent - Integrative - Individuell

Unsere Vision ist es, unsere Portfolio Elemente kreativ zu kombinieren und Ihnen dadurchIhren Bedürfnissen angepasste, intelligente, integrierende und individuelle Lösungen -
"Der kubische Exponent'!

  • Die Cubidor AG versteht sich als eine Art Multiplexer der die intelligente Kombination von unterschiedlichen Elementen vorsieht. das Resultat deckt in der Regel nicht nur die gestellten Anforderungen ab sondern generiert, durch die Kombination der Einzelteile, darüber hinaus einen Zusatznutzen. 
  • Integration ist ein Faktor der für uns einen besonderen Stellenwert einnimmt, da er sicherstellt, dass die Lösungen harmonisch in bereist bestehende Systeme eingegliedert werden können und daher Friktionen minimiert.
  • Individualität ist umso bedeutsamer je mehr Standardkomponenten eingesetzt werden. Wir sind überzeugt, dass jeder Kunde besondere subjektive Anforderungen besitzt, sei es durch spezielle kulturelle, örtliche oder bedienungstechnische Besonderheiten. Soweit dies möglich ist werden derartige Faktoren bei einer optimalen Lösungsfindung berücksichtigt. 

Cubidors Balanced Score Card (BSC) Perspectiven

Hier bei Cubidor denken wir gerne in strategischen Dimensionen. Daher setzten wir eine BSC ein, die uns behilflich ist die fiktiven Ziele in reale Perspektiven umzusetzen und zu bewerten. Jede dieser Perspektiven wird durch ein Datenset definiert, das uns sowohl strategische als auch taktische Entscheidungen erleichtert. Unsere Kernperspektiven sind:


1. Medizinprodukte Perspektive

Unsere Kennzahlen für Medizinprodukte sind
Quality, Functionality, and Price/Performance.

Quality is crucial especially when it comes to used medical equipment. Thus we put a special focus on this subject by following a zero tolerance approach which is clearly stated in Cubidor's Quality Principle. In brief all our products comply fully with Germans Medical Product Law which is one of the most strict ones.

Functionality seems to be odd mentioned separately but in fact it is very important to clearly formulate the needs to optimize the offer. This goal is achieved by our consultancy to help to find the appropriate solutions to a given problem and not only to sell a system!

Price is the core driver for many clients. A second thought on price/performance broadens the vision and many clients rethink or at least fine-tune their requests after having reflected about what is needed and what medical systems can cover. Background: Nowadays many diagnostic systems offer too much functionality that is not being used at all!


2. Service Perspektive

Our Service sind

Availability, Quality and Price/Performance.

As we do business worldwide the availability of services is a crucial subject. Cubidor offers all related services for products bought at us. These services comprise amongst others deconstruction, technical check-ups, installation on site, training of staff and maintenance.

To assure you the necessary quality we only work together with medical technicians who are continuously trained on the respective device types and who are authorized to manipulate these units.

To achieve an optimum price/performance for our clients we work together with technicians from various countries without any financial benefit for Cubidor. This ensures that the costs for maintenance are being reduced for our clients. 


3. Medical Consumables Perspektive

Our Medical Consumables sind

Compliance and Price/Performance.

According to medical consumables we are very pragmatic by offering only material which fully complies with the clients' requested certifications (ISO, CE, FDA, ...) and which are offered at reasonable prices.

Hence, we have selected a small set of various manufacturers worldwide (China, Malaysia, Germany, ...) which are able to provide the needed material at sound price levels.


4. Healthcare Facilities Perspektive

Our Healthcare Facilities' sind
Quality and Speed to Market.

The planning and construction of a healthcare facility is a very complex undertaking which only can succeed when multiple professional partners combine their knowledge and experience. The selection and the combination of such talents and their fluent interaction forms the basis of quality.

In such dynamic times speed to market is a key factor which enables the client to utilize the required facility at the earliest possible point in time. By then you can generate first revenues from the newly implemented unit. This is why we focus on prefabricated modularized hospitals and health facilities. By utilizing this technology we are able to realize even larger units (i.e. 150 beds general hospitals) within approx. 12 months. Key-turn ready, prepared to treat patient 1!


5. Green Solutions Perspektive 

Our Green Solution sind
Efficiency, Emission Reduction and Price/Performance.

Climate change affects all of us. Especially in the medical field high energy systems and facilities consuming enormous amounts of energy while producing a significant amount of waste, coincidentally, are very common.

In cooperation with national and international private and governmental authorities Cubidor AG decided to engage itself more intensively in efficiency and emission reduction sectors to exploit the related environment-saving opportunities for our clients.

This reflection resulted in the set up of Cubidor's Green Division which offer consultancy for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI) projects as well as Program of Activities (PoA) under the UNFCCC Regulations.


6. Humanitarian and Environmental Financing Perspektive

Our Financing sind
Accessibility and Attractiveness.

Healthcare projects as well as humanitarian projects are typically characterized by an extended need of funds. To overcome or at least to ease these financial challenges we can offer several financing tools which are offered  for humanitarian projects exclusively.

National and international organizations, as for example the World Bank, offer various programs to support eligible projects by attractive financial support mechanisms. The challenge is to sort out appropriate programs and their proceedings to optimize the financial background of your humanitarian project.

If you have further interest in these approaches please, feel free to contact us at


Taking a look at our portfolio shows clearly that these perspectives perfectly match with our portfolio! By various combinations we are able to generate significant and sustainable results and benefits for you our client and for the environment in which our products and services are implemented into.