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To meet the goals of Cubidor's vision and mission the organization is structured as a matrix organization. This framework implies and fosters teamwork between various functions and thus perfectly complies with our process based thinking. Only this structure allows us to offer tailor-made solutions!

Cubidor AG Organization Chart


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ManagementCubidor is headed by its CEO cum founder Dr. Martin Schwarz who is in full charge of all management issues. The entrepreneurial participation in the conduct of the company enables short decision paths and immediate action on strategical as well as tactical levels. The management formulates and defines the area of activities and the principles of conduct.

To have a constant but flexible guideline at hand Cubidor AG possesses a thoroughly defined Balanced Score Card (BSC). This management tool allows to set out strategic goals and break them down into tactical perspectives and activities. Hence, we clearly formulated critic criteria on which we measure our performance.



PortfolioCubidor's portfolio comprises the following product categories:

  1. Medical Equipment
  2. Related Services
  3. Medical Consumables
  4. Modularized Hospitals' Planning and Construction
  5. UNFCCC Consulting for ecological projects
  6. Humanitarian Projects' Realization

Details on the various categories can be found on the respective pages!




IntegratorsDue to Cubidor's special constellation we do not run a traditional sales department but rely mainly on integrators. These special persons actively support Cubidor AG to access and coordinate market entries and maintain business conduct afterwards. Often our integrators possess and open up diplomatic access to international markets!

Integrators not always act as part of our sales channel. For this purpose we do appoint carefully selected representatives who are aware of cultural specialities and socio-cultural habits in business conduct! 



Green DivisionGreen Division 

Cubidor's Green Division comprises all our activities related to energy saving and emission reducing activities. Amongst others this department coordinates our UNFCCC consultancy projects.



PartnersCubidor's partner network enables us to offer highly specialized services and products. This network is very important to realize our matrix approach!