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CEO's Editorial

Martin Schwarz, Dr. (CEO)Dear Visitor

We are experiencing tremendous changes in all aspects of our lives. And it is foreseeable that this dynamic will not slow down in the near future. Modern telecommunication technologies and their almost ubiquitous availability allow us to combine intellectual potentials from almost everywhere.


Utilizing these means, we are in the position to creatively combine interdisciplinary elements to form new and better solutions, not only in the medical field explicitly but in the environmental and social segments, too.


Our environmental awareness made Cubidor AG to combine all emission  reducing and efficiency rising activities into its Green Division. Hence, we are able not only to plan, realize and equip medical facilities but also enhance their constructions and environment by value adding add-ons as water and waste treatment plants or photovoltaic and wind units.


Furthermore, we are engaged in several very encouraged humanitarian projects which enhance the quality of life for hundreds or even thousands of families. Thus, for us the combination of medical equipment and facilities with environmental and climate saving activities build a new and highly dynamic field of humanitarian related activities worldwide.


The amalgamation of persons from various cultures and social backgrounds meeting with us either as clients, partners or suppliers urge us to enhance our awareness against religious and socio-cultural differences! We explicitly state that we fully respect  and honour all these elements which make our world a very colourful place! Hence, it is one of our principles to try to align and balance different cultural approaches to optimize the result of each project.


Please, feel free to drop me a line!

Sincerely, yours

Martin Schwarz, Dr.