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Cubidor's Quality Principle

The original four principles to overcome a lack in quality are as follows:

  1. Meet the requirements”: “Quality is the grade to which products' and customers' requirements are being met”.
    Cubidor's Approach: By rendering our consultancy in the selection and realization process we help you to clearly formulate what you really need.

  2. The system of quality is "Prevention”.
    Cubidor's Approach: We never offer any device or services which are not been rendered by authorized, trained and experiences staff or partners.

  3. The performance standard is “zero defects” in relation to the requirements.
    Cubidor's Approach: We only accept devices with a contiguous quality and maintenance record. Concerning our consultancy activities we only work with trained and experienced staff and partners.

    4. “No Quality Cost Principle”: “Unnecessary costs arise by not meeting the requirements“.
    Cubidor's Approach: In direct relation to principle 1 we try to clearly elaborate our clients' needs to circumvent and fend off additional costs caused by imprecise product selection.